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Vinyl Stickers serve many purposes on behalf of a company or its brand. They are supposed to carry the information regarding the brand, its elements to assist recall and recognition and facilitate promotional activities. All of these can only be done if a vinyl sticker is appealing enough to be able to get the attention of the buyer. It must be designed with such aesthetics that it is pleasing to the eyes. Only then it would be able to ask for your product’s trial when placed among tons of other similar products at the store shelf.
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Here are two design tips that will benefit your multi color Clear vinyl sticker printing to be performed just the right way, as these stickers are used for Windows, Car mirrors and outdoor and printed on transparent Sticker material. So, anyone can see through.

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  • The process Colors Science (CMYK)

The process colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) are the basis to construct almost every color for multicolor Clear vinyl sticker printing. However, it is important to know the composition of the color you want to prepare. For example, a tint of Orange is prepared by using magenta and then a specified amount of yellow. That way we get our desired color.

The consistency of the color is the key to a good design. A slightest of variation may make your sticker to look different from others or to those of the other brand elements having the same color. Ideally, for printing lighter shades using multicolor, the right color values for CMYK are between 0% to 10% to get the appropriate result.

  • Pantone Print

In order to ensure the exact match of the colors to reproduce, Pantone printing is advised. This is important where you have wide areas of solid color available on the sticker design and no risk can be afforded with color variation in the print.

Since it involves extra labor and other costs, it generally costs considerably higher and is usually economical with bulk multicolor Clear vinyl sticker printing of 25000 units or more.

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These prices are for PVC White Vinyl Stickers only. best and low cost price for UK, USA or anywhere in the world. Click On Price to place an order. if you unable to find the price in the chart below, don't worry, give call us a 0161 394 1237 and provide us your Size, Quantity requirements, our Costing Manager can help you to get best price for you, no one can offer such discounted prices. You may Submit your Custom requirements here.

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White Vinyl Stickers Description:  Printed on Durable White Vinylsingle sided Full Color Printing, with or without Lamination. Kiss Cut or Individual cut.

Prices below are including FREE SHIPPING & Free Design Art Work.* 

Specifications Quantity / Prices
Size (mm) Colors 250 500 1000 2500 5000
Full Color £ 42

£ 50

£ 57

£ 112

£ 194

30 x 30
Any Shape
Full Color £ 45

£ 81

£ 124

£ 190

£ 290

50 x 50
Any Shape
Full Color £ 105

£ 159

£ 185

£ 202

£ 274

75 x 75
Any Shape
Full Color £ 150

£ 169

£ 195

£ 265

£ 345

100 x 100
Any Shape
Full Color £ 50

£ 75

£ 136

£ 158

£ 191

40 x 60
Any Shape
Full Color £ 102

£ 135

£ 154

£ 175

£ 202

80 x 40
Any Shape
Full Color £ 98

£ 158

£ 170

£ 202

£ 285

100 x 50
Any Shape

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Higher the Quantity Lesser the Price.

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