Custom Pillow Style Packaging Boxes

Quantum print is an Australian - UK based company operating and manufacturing printed boxes since 2011. We are also supplying at very low prices and cost-effective quantities.

It is a particular way to show your customers your product in a different way. It also perfect way to use as confetti boxes for friends and guests with candies, chocolates and candy buttons.

The extraordinary look of these pillow boxes makes it best for gifts. They provide a feeling of smoothness and softness in its form. The impeccable packaging captivates a special present and they founded in matte, plain, laminated and gloss finish. Our collection is stunning, different and durable.

They are perfect for different occasions such as wedding receptions, occasional gathering and other different parties. Our expanded options of pillow boxes in different colors and sizes are available in different type of events which brings out an impression; no concern that how you use them.

Pillow packaging boxes have an unusual shape but they are fantastic for packaging small gifts like jewelry, watches or key chains. As they appear to be different so, they are great to keep your things safe because of its size and its mobility. Nowadays, they are a popular choice for packing gifts.

Quantum print manufactures those Pillow Packaging Boxes which can easily pop into its shape when they placed flat. We give different sort shapes which can create a tempting pillow box for you. We can also design these pillow boxes for branding and advertising of your business and here you can experience a perfect printing which will be an endure imitation.

Do let us know your requirements to our professional team so they can make create pillow boxes with your own style and present your brand description and designs.

The sought-after pillow boxes have become a popular choice for packing gifts. Their exquisite look is able to draw the attention of customers and stand out as a unique choice among other choices.

Why should you choose us?

You will not find such peculiar, stupendous looking boxes anywhere. The unusual shapes and colorful stylish sizes are ideal for many uses. They have become a much in demand choice for using these pillow boxes as gift packing for example jewelry, key chains and candies. We use highly advanced technologies for printing Custom pillow Packaging boxes. You can also get the logo of your Company printed by us and use it for business promotions of your products. Not all Companies focus on quality and final look of the product but we here at “QuantumPrint” manufacture products using materials that are friendly to use in any kind of environment. The manufactured products are also durable and will not wear or tear with respect to any change in climatic conditions. You will not get so endless designs, sizes and textures of the Pillow Packaging boxes and the pillows inside from elsewhere but at “QuantumPrint” you will get a wide range of variety. These can also be used as confetti boxes and for keeping chocolates and candies. The exceptional design of these pillow packaging boxes makes them a best choice for gifts. The pillows inside the boxes are very smooth and seamless. Pillow boxes come in a collection of matte, plain, laminated and gloss finish. You can select one according to your use and requirement. We suggest that you go through the testimonials made by our regular customers on our website to get a better insight about us, our working policy and quality of our products. Not only for gifting purposes but you can also use them for day-to-day use as they are portable. The extraordinary looking pillow boxes are durable and can be used in different occasions such as wedding events and parties. These pillow boxes come in various colors, size, and hence you can get custom pillow boxes of your choice. The miniature Custom pillow packaging boxes are ideal for keeping items like jewelry, watches or key chains. As they are miniature in size, they can be easily carried and are portable. The pillows inside boxes do not lose shape after being used and that makes them long-lasting. We can create any type of unusual shapes and can make them suitable for your advertising and branding of Company. The custom pillow boxes allow you to create a box to your choice and get it purchased at cheap rates.

Shipment policies:

We are shipping absolutely free to UK including the regional areas. Our delivery rate is fast and the shipment reaches to the customers within 10 – 12 days. To ensure that the shipments are reaching our customers with no delay, we have a hard working panel of team that keeps an over our deliveries using efficient monitoring systems.

Why should you trust us?

We have secure payment options. We only accept payments made through PayPal. In case the shipment you received has an anomaly, or you are not satisfied with the quality of the product received then your money will be sent back to you safely without any deduction. So money back guarantee is ensured if there is an error made from our end. You can put your trust in us and get your favorite items needed as per your requirement.

Customer Services:

Customer’s satisfaction is our major concern and for that we make sure that we provide best customer services. We have our offices built worldwide to help you reaching us easily. You can call us or have live chat with us or send us emails for your enquiries or placing orders. Our supportive team is dedicated and quick in response. So if you send us your enquiry, our representatives will get back to you very quickly.