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Here at The Quantum Print, we offer wide range of E-liquid Boxes. Our production team love to work for Eliquid packaging Boxes because they are specialized in it. E-liquid is the fluid acts as nicotine solution used in many products such as Vape and ecigarettes, which is exhaled as fumes. E liquid comes in several flavors like menthol, blue slush, vanilla and much more. It contains propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (also used in food flavoring and food coloring). E liquid gives flavor to the products mentioned above (Vapes, E cigarettes) and also it could be nicotinic and nicotine free as well depends on the makes of e-liquids.

Coming to the E-liquid packaging boxes and Labels printing of e-liquids bottles our company uses advance techniques for making of the box. Cardboard Packaging is more essential part of any e-liquid product. It contains information regarding liquid making Company brand name, flavors, ingredients used for product development, quantity and concentration printed on it. E-liquid is recognized for its packaging, the product requires unique packaging that will not only keeps it safe in the box but also provide better look to the buyer. Above Packaging boxes not only fill and packages your existing products, but we can help you bring your dream products to life. The Non-injectable liquid formulations such as elixirs, syrups etc. are less susceptible when compared to the injectable formulations, may be due to the difference in processing conditions during the formulation development. Despite our name, we are not limited, we can make the e-liquid packaging boxes from as low as , to any size. Buying them online is even easier.

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10ml e liquid Box

20ml e liquid Box

30ml e liquid Box

Multipack e liquid Boxes

It saves money and to do customization on your box according to your preferences and specifications, every month the box has improved and it's something we look forward to every month. we like all the customizing features offered to customers.

Our main target areas while manufacturing of e-liquid boxes and printing are:

  • Design
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Packaging
  • Colors and fonts
  • Quality checking. ( No Compromise )

E liquid business is growing day by day worldwide, keeping that in mind before manufacturing the boxes our panel of experts makes sure that the e liquid box packaging must be in proper shape that makes it stand out from others but also must be durable and be in the same shape till and after it is shipped. The printing and labels are also of main focus, as it is not just label of the product and company but a marketing strategy for promoting the product. Color schemes and fonts that are used on boxes are after keeping in the targeted customers and not just for specific age group.

Our Packaging is a very vast and diverse process that needs precision of smallest of details, The Quantum Print knows well the demand of our customer and from years now we have been doing it with immense hard work. It’s not just about packing it is also about promoting the brand. Our company also

deals with customized e-liquid boxes as per demand and need of the customer in bulk as well as for the

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